Our Mission

You are the stakeholders. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment. We provide the highest quality nodes at the lowest possible cost.

Our Nodes

Margin will be at 0% for each node we operate until it reaches saturation. Reaching saturation as quickly as possibly is beneficial as it increases the reward of the entire pool and the return on stake for each delegator. Upon reaching saturation we may increase the margin to a competitive level.
Our nodes are implemented with Infrastructure as Code running on Kubernetes. We operate multiple relays per producer each with their own load balancer and IP spread across availability zones to maintain maximum uptime.

Our Team

We are highly skilled software engineers experienced in cloud computing and passionate about the decentralized web.
We have 3+ years of experience running blockchain nodes and are dedicated to making decentralization a reality.



Security & Performance

We follow modern best practices for security and monitor our nodes 24/7.
Our strategy is to deliver the best possible performance at the lowest possible price.